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We got a Randall… Welcome to Flavor Country.

The Hanging Bat recently acquired a shiny new Dogfish-Head-made randall the enamel animal. This is a device which runs beer through a bed of fresh hops totally infusing the beer before being dispensed through the draft tap. I’ve worked with models in the past that have had serious foam problems. I can say though, that I was seriously impressed with how well this worked. The randall works with a two chamber set-up: a bed of hops, and a ice-cooled defoaming chamber. 

We had a Day of IPA at The Bat recently. What a better day to unveil our new hop toy? I brewed a 6.25% New Zealand IPA just for the occasion. On the night of the event we pushed the beer through Wakatu and Dr. Rudi hops. Wow, big flavor. Very…wet-hoppy. But pleasant! 


Here it is all ready to dispense:



I can’t wait to get a little weird with it. Strawberry, mint saison? Raspberry vanilla Hefeweizen? Who knows.. no rules. It’s kind of like the Thunder Dome.