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The Most Delicious Sour Beer and Quinoa Salad

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This is Lisa’s blog, and another great one to follow!

Athens of the North

Dating a brewer is pretty great — I highly recommend it. Not only do you get to learn about beer types and how they are made, but you also get to taste an expansive range of unique, expensive, and mouthwatering brews with a beer coach right by your side. Isaac has been coaching me in the beauty of beer for almost two years and I can say with confidence that I am his most dedicated and accomplished student.

Last night we went to a small home “tasting” event in Morningside, which, as expected, turned out to be a great opportunity to strengthen my beer knowledge and try many new beers. The highlight of my night was the Caractère Rouge from the Rodenbach Brewery in Roeselare, Belgium. The Rouge is a sour red/brown beer that puts all the other sour beers I’ve tried and slowly sipped into distant memory. This is what a sour…

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